Introducing Ed-it

Easy. Simple. Worth examining!

Introduction to Ed-it

Ed-it was especially developed for you by female gynecologists and Tahara guidance counsellors with the supervision of Rabbis. This unique patent combines an Ed (examination fabric), an inner and outer tube applicator that offers you the utmost ease in checking, inserting and removing the fabric, without compromising Jewish law requirements. After examination, check the fabric as you normally do and if you have Halacha concerns, consult with a Rabbi

From today, there is no reason to feel pain or discomfort during your purity examinations. The Mitzva of purification is a great feminine privilege – you are invited to perform it calmly, effortlessly, and happily!

Suitable for all Tahara examinations Hefsek Tahara, and Moch Dachuk

Tested, approved and recommended by Rabbis and notable gynecologists

Maximum comfort, hygiene and safety, anywhere

How to Use Ed-it?

Ed-it has been designed to assist you in the purity examination, allowing you comfort and control during the examination process. Follow the instructions in the video or in the leaflet inside the package, and within a couple of times you will see how easy it is to use Ed-it.

Customers’ Testimonials

Our goal is to turn the purification examination from inconvenience into an exciting experience for each woman. You will find the testimonials of women that have been using Ed-it on a regular basis. Please send us your testimonial, we would love to hear from you.

Greetings, I'm not sure whom to write to and hope that my letter will arrive into the right hands. My name is Odelia and my husband and I returned to the faith three years ago. We are married 11 years and do not have children yet. Due to lots of suffering, we became religious. The laws of family purity was a barricade and found it difficult with all its restrictions. But the Jewish faith is important to me and particularly, our yearning to have children. About two months ago, at an event about the Jewish Home, I was exposed to Ed-it, an aesthetic product that allows internal purity examination without touch of the fingers. I cannot understand how anyone can manage without Ed-it. We believe that you are good emissaries and thank you so much.
Bat Yam
I wanted to thank you and wish you abundance of blessing and success. I got married 3 months ago and the challenge of purity examination during the 7 clean days was a challenge for me, both on a physical and emotional level. Unfortunately, managing the performance of the examination properly was very challenging and not always successful. A friend told me about 'Ed-it' and I purchased it. Since using Ed-it, I've been successful to adhere to Halacha without grief and anguish. This is a personal matter but for me, it is so significant in the early stages of establishing a Jewish home that I felt was necessary to thank you.
Tizku LeMitzvot, G.P.
My name is Shira and I'm a 32 years old mom of 5 children, residents of Gush Etzion. Since giving birth to my youngest (about two years ago) I've difficulties performing purity examinations as per halacha due to complications, I am sore and it is a physical and emotional strain to examine myself. The Rabbis of the Poah Institute shared with me a new Ed Bedika product 'Ed-it' and let me experiment with it. I've been using it ever since, with Ed-it there's no need for invasive hand contact, making it a very convenient and simple purity examination. I thank you and wish you have all the best in the world.
With much gratitude, Shira Itzkovitz

Endorsements and Consents

Many incidents of women who felt uncomfortable while performing purity exams due to technical or emotional difficulties triggered Rabbis and doctors alike to promote a solution.
Ed-it has extensive Halachic and medical support as an innovative and elegant response to the preservation of family purity.

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